Shali Graphics is a leading provider of packaging box manufacturing services in Mysore for a variety of businesses and individual requirements.

We manufacture product packaging boxes, paper bags, stickers & labels of different sizes that possess a durable material and attractive look.

The major packaging boxes we manufacture are gift boxes, paper boxes, carton boxes, and cardboard boxes. These packaging products always make an impact on the customer’s mind & will remember your brand, whenever there is a need.

Multicolor corrugated Boxes

We do cost-effective multi colour corrugated box printing for all types of industries like food processing, healthcare, textiles, FMCG etc…

Regardless of the size & type of printing, we do customized printing with minimized expenditures.

Products are highlighted with the way it’s printed on the packaging boxes, cartons either by stickers or direct printing.

Product Packing Boxes

No industry is operated without these packing boxes which protect their products & these boxes is a marketing media wherever it travels & any company can get these protective carton boxes as their marketing source by designing it to the likes of the people.

These boxes always make an impact on the customer’s mind & will remember your brand, whenever there is a need.

Stickers / Labels / Tags

Stickers let you create the perfect label stickers for any type of product, gift, tag, or office supplies.

Our design tool lets you make your labels and stickers as precisely as you need! All you need to is upload your artwork, or our designers are there, we’ll print and ship your label stickers directly to your door!

Gift Boxes

If you are looking to sell or gift items to customers, employees, social workers, then you need well-designed gift boxes.

We are here too to help you to get this done. We do all types of gift boxes in eco-friendly papers, best printing with cutting edge equipment we have. Remember the name “Shali Graphics”

Paper Bags and Cloth Bags

The need of the hour is “Save Nature” & nature-friendly materials to be used to save our mother nature.

To be environment-friendly, It is our responsibility to save the environment by using nature-friendly materials in whatever ways possible being in the printing industry, we shall use more of Art paper, Texture paper, craft paper & cloth bags with your branding instead of plastics.

Hence we recommend the customers to use paper bags in all the areas wherever possible & we will give you the best of the service in the process to meet your requirement in a very beautiful way of art.